13 April 2023

JM Heaford launches new narrow web demounter and tape application station

Click on image to download high resolution version

JM Heaford, celebrating the 10 year anniversary of its FTS Plate mounter (which is displayed at Labelexpo Mexico) has launched a new narrow web demounter and tape application station.
Designed in collaboration with a major converter in North America to improve overall process efficiency to their job changeovers, this narrow web stand-alone unit mechanically removes plates and applies adhesive tape onto the print sleeve or cylinder. This increases the capacity of the plate mounter for plate mounting thus eliminating a potential bottleneck, enhancing pre-press efficiency.
The demounter also eliminates plate damage which can be caused by manual demounting, saving significant plate replacement costs, press down time, waste and removes operator strain and long-term repetitive strain injuries.
The tape applicator ensures bubble-free application of tape with constant pressure eliminating the need for hand rolling. Combined with the optional rotary knife, it provides a simple, safe, accurate and repeatable system which reduces the risk of damage to operators but also print sleeves and cylinders.

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